What is Northallerton Music Centre?

Every Saturday morning, during term time, around 200 children meet at Northallerton School & Sixth Form College, Grammar School Lane, Northallerton,  DL6 1DD to make music.
Offering all students from Grade 1 standard the opportunity to be part of a vibrant exciting Music Centre. The morning begins at 9.30am, and ends at 12.30pm.

Starting off ….

– Either in the Junior String Orchestra if you play a string instrument, or Junior Woodwind, Brass or WindBand if you play a woodwind, brass or percussion instruments. You will play all sorts of music and have lots of fun. At the end of term you will be part of the end of term concerts, and your family will be able to see and hear you perform.

You can also expect to make lots of new friends!

Moving up ….

Once you are around Grade 4 standard you can join either the Symphony Orchestra, String Ensemble, Jazz or WindBand. Here you will continue to develop your musical skills and confidence.

Something different ….

We also have Guitar Groups, a Senior Choir and Theory Class.

…. and any new students attending Northallerton Music Centre will receive their first term FREE!

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